"Someone—I think it was Fisheye actually—said 'Oh, blimey, we've got a blooming bed wetter in the dorm,' and Theodorakis said 'l-l-lazy rat—can't you p-pee in the bog like e-everyone else?' I sat down on the edge of my bed and covered my face with my hands really tight, as though if I pressed hard enough it might all go away and I might be somewhere else or a different person. 'Please, please don't tell anyone else,' I said and I looked at everyone to see if there might be a possibility that they'd keep it a secret."



Hello there - and thank you so much for your visit to my website. My first novel, The House Martin was published last year.

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Hear me reading my latest story on 4 July. Fern Cottage is published in a new anthology of Gay and Lesbian literature by Glass House Books. Men & Women is published on 14 July 2011. To find out more please click here


William Parker