'The House Martin' is at once bubbly, haunting and oddly affecting.

Will Self

"This was a joy to read, it really was. Parker writes with such beautiful subtlety. He gets into a child's mind, seeing things his character does not understand fully and yet tries to make sense of, trying desperately to protect the people he loves... There were bits of it that were just so true, so honest the clock he keeps touching in his bag under the bed; the anxiety about whether he has enough hands to carry his boater. ... Discovering The House Martin was like unwrapping a particularly lovely present that you didn't expect to be given."

Elizabeth Day

Feature Writer, The Observer

"Parker's characters are great, and in the younger Ben he creates a unique and believable voice...the boarding school life is vividly depicted and the metaphor of the house martin, struggling to cope on its own after being thrown from its nest in a storm, nicely rounds off this unusual debut novel."

Attitude Magazine, September 2010

"This is a truly stunning book. It captivated me from the first page and I found myself totally immersed in the story of Ben Teasdale.

 Listening to Ben yearning for his fragile and damaged mother, holding on to his teddy bear's paw in the darkness of his dormitory, and dreading waking up to find wet sheets is heart rending. You are willing him to have the strength to overcome all the difficulties he is facing. I found myself caring deeply about his life and how things would turn out for him despite all his struggles.

This book is, without doubt, the finest book I have read this year and I have read a fair few! I really hope that it achieves the success it deserves and if I could have given it more than 5 stars....I would have done."

Teresa, Early Reviewers, LibraryThing 2010

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'I loved it. It's a while since a book so impressed and affected me and I know Ben's voice will stay with me a long time. There's not a single superfluous word in the entire tale and it's perfectly, beautifully composed. I will, of course, be recommending it to anyone who'll listen.'

Joe Storey-Scott, Media Buyer, Prowler, Soho